Rules and FAQS


Human Rules

1. ENTER AND USE THIS PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK – Dog owners are legally responsible and liable for their dogs and any injuries caused by them. Neither the town of South Hadley nor the Friends of South Hadley Dog Park bear any liability for any injury, illness, or damage caused by any dog or their handler.

2. This playground is intended for dogs. It is recommended that no infants or small children visit the dog park.

3. Children younger than 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Equipment in the dog park is for dogs only. Please do not let children climb on the equipment.

4. Keep your dogs within view at all times. Dogs must not be left unattended in the park.

5. You must clean up after your dogs, yourself, and any children with you. All dog waste must be carried out of the park and disposed of properly. Fill in any holes that your dog digs.

6. Because the South Hadley Dog Park is a property owned by the town of South Hadley, no smoking, vaping, or substance use is allowed.

Dog Rules

1. All dogs must have an up to date license by their city/town and a current rabies vaccination. Collar tags or other proof of license/vaccination must be available at all times.

2. No dogs determined to be a “dangerous dog” pursuant to MGL ch.140 157 are allowed in the park.

3. The Small Dog Park is limited to dogs weighing around 30 pounds or less.

4. The All Dog Park area is open to dogs of all sizes at the owner’s discretion. Large dogs take precedent in this area, so if a small dog owner feels that the larger dogs are too active in their play, it is the responsibility of the small dog owner to then move to the small dog area.

5. Limit two (2) dogs per person per visit.

6. No female dogs in heat are allowed in the park.

7. For the safety of your dogs and other park visitors, prong/pinch, choke, and spiked collars are prohibited inside the fenced area.

Any violation of the above rules could result in a suspension of a dog handler’s right to use the dog park.

For an emergency, please contact South Hadley Animal Control or the Police Department at 538-8231.


How is the park funded?

The South Hadley Dog Park was funded through a grant from the Stanton Foundation As part of the agreement with the Stanton Foundation the town of South Hadley was required to provide a 10% match on the hard construction costs of the park. With this match, the Stanton foundation would then contribute 90% of the construction costs. This money was approved through South Hadley town meeting and Select Board.

Who maintains the park?

The Friends of South Hadley Dog Park is responsible for the ongoing maintenance and operations of the dog park.

What are the hours?

Sunrise to Sunset

What process is in place to ensure dog waste removal?

The Friends of the South Hadley Dog Park has equipped the park with waste disposal bags available in two dispensers in the all dog area and one in the small dog area. Owners are responsible for monitoring and cleaning their own dog's waste. Two trash bins are located right outside the gate.

Are there breed restrictions?

There are no current breed restrictions. No dogs determined to be a “dangerous dog” pursuant to MGL ch.140 157 are allowed in the park.

Please see our full list of dog park rules.

Is there a process in place for park disputes?

All disputes should be reported to the Friends of the South Hadley Dog Park and will be addressed by the Board of Directors and committee members.

Any emergencies would be handled by the town recreation department and South Hadley police department.