The Park


Designed by the Berkshire Design Group, the South Hadley Dog Park is located at 14 Mulligan Drive in South Hadley, just below the water tower. The park is approximately 1.8 acres and is divided into two areas, one for all dogs and one for small dogs.

The all dog area has two terraces. The upper terrace combines an open area for frisbee, ball chasing and general rambunctiousness and a wooded area that provides shade. There is a walking path that encircles the park. The lower terrace consists of pea gravel and includes a perennial garden. Large dogs have precedence in the all dog area.

The small dog area is limited to dogs under 30 lbs. It consists of an open grassy area and an infield of pea gravel. Just as with the all dog area, there is a walking path that encircles it.

The park provides bags for picking up dog waste. Outside the main gate there are two trash bins to dispose of waste. There are dog water fountains in both the large and small dog areas. The park is equipped with an accessible port-a-potty that is maintained on a regular basis.

The park is funded and maintained by The Friends of the South Hadley Dog Park, an all volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit organization.